Monday, January 03, 2005

JotSpot in 2005!

I love driving at night.  With the kids lulled to sleep by the harmony of rain and freeway drone, we decided late last night to skip our planned LA layover and power all the way to San Francisco, downpour and all.  It was a great way to cap a 2-week retreat to San Diego.  With the exception of 10 minutes of SNOW on the grapevine, it was easy sailing all the way to our 5am arrival, and my wife and I used the time to reflect as well as look ahead to 2005.

Jon Udell is calling 2005 the Year of the enterprise Wiki, and I couldn't agree more!  In addition to hanging out with friends and family over the holiday, I accepted an offer to join JotSpot, the Application Wiki company.  Since first blogging optimistically about JotSpot following their October beta launch, I've gotten to know their service and spent some time noodling, and have been both very impressed and very inspired.  So I'm incredibly excited to be joining Joe and Graham and the rest of the JotSpot team.  I start tomorrow -- more details after I get going.  Right now I couldn't agree more with Jon's sentiment:

"As the Wiki phenomenon enters its second decade, it’s hard to predict just how the technology will evolve. Two things seem
certain: Wiki culture will continue to thrive, and enterprise users will continue to seek lighter, easier collaboration tools.
Sounds like a winning combination."


Michael Sampson said...

Congrats on the new job Scott. I'll follow JotSpot with renewed interest.

Steve Shu said...

Congrats on the job. I will be sure to follow more closely.