Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So is this OpenEvents?

Greetings from sunny San Diego.  Morning after posting Google/Internet Archive, Meet Mr. Event we threw the kids in the WRX and headed south for some R&R with friends and family.  So now that I've snuck into the local wifi cafe I'm very gratified to discover more people, projects, and conversations about this events vision.   For sake of clarity, from now on I think I'll start using Marc Canter's OpenEvents moniker -- seems like the same/right philosophy, and appears to still be a green-field project.

Here are just a few additional links I've found related to OpenEvents vision, although I haven't had time to fully dig through all this yet:

  • EventsML, an IPTC effort for an XML vocab standard for, "event publishing, event planning, and event coverage."

  • ESS  the "Event Share Specification" for, "assisting in the publishing and distribution of event (e.g. meetings,
    conferences, holidays) information."

  • WhizSpark's broader thoughts on social networking and events

  • CivicSpace are some veterans of the Dean campaign building a, "...platform that empowers collective action inside
    communities and cohesively connects remote groups of supporters."

  • Who What When Where XML is headed up by Hanan Cohen, who believes, "people should be able to publish where and when they will be, and
    others should be able do discover those facts and arrange to meet them."

Among many others!  I haven't yet digested the comments/trackbacks/new info, but clearly people are looking and addressing events from many different angles and biz models. And it's all "just software," so it's doable.  Hard part is herding cats, aligning interests so collaboration, real work, and follow-through happen.

Still getting my mind around all this, but I'm looking forward to continuing to connect with interested and engaged parties.  But my main event right now is quality time with family until the new year, so I think I'll idle my mind and keyboard until '05.  Have a great holiday if you're still reading this!


Jason said...

Another great link is the new IETF draft ICAL-Basic. 100% compatible with iCalendar while focusing only on Events.
I will be posting about the new draft @

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