Monday, July 24, 2006

Collaboration SIG Tonight: Johannes Ernst on Digital Identity

Johannes Ernst, founder and CEO of NetMesh, is speaking tonight at the Collaboration SIG on user-centric digital identity. 

What's that you ask?  Well join us tonight (Monday 7/24, 6:30p) at Pillsbury Winthrop in Palo Alto and find out.  I've been hearing about digital identity for years but dont really have a clue about the details or implications beyond the headlines.  Tonight's our opportunity to get all the goods:
"What is user-centric digital identity, and why does it matter? How will
it affect our ability to collaborate more effectively in better, and
more dynamic environments? What services and features does it provide
that bear on collaboration within and outside of the enterprise?

Johannes Ernst will lead an interactive session describing the overall architecture,
the different technologies and projects, and the different players in
the space. He will describe the problems these technologies are
solving, their current status, and why and how you can get involved. He
will also lead a brainstorming session on the impact of these new
technologies on collaboration."
Hope to see you there.