Saturday, September 30, 2006

BarBar at Zeitgeist

I'm sorry to say we've decided to shut down the Collaboration SIG, barely a year after we kicked it off.  While we had some amazing speakers, truly interactive sessions, and healthy turnouts, in the end producing and promoting a monthly event proved more than our collective schedules could handle.

So what to do now?  When do we get to go out and shoot the shirt about collaboration? 

Eugene and I were talking and and couldn't come up with the answer.  But we did decide there was only one way to come up with something: go drinking and figure it out.  So we're heading to Zeitgeist this Tuesday (10/3, 7:30p) to enjoy the outdoor patio, various refreshments, and maybe even ... talk about collaboration. 

Come join us if you want to hang out and talk shop -- we'll be in the back at a picnic table. 

Oh yeah, since we're fans of barcamps and the like, and we will be having an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment that involves drinking, we've decided to call our little activity a BarBar. (And no, we won't be playing the web 2.0 drinking game...)

Hope to see you there.

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Scott McMullan said...

Nice! That was fun. Seven of us, including a few Atlassian and Socialtext compatriots, enjoyed a beautiful Zeitgeist-kind-of-evening. Eugene posted a couple pics and a wrap of what went down:
Thanks for coming out -- let's do it again and spread the good word.