Friday, March 31, 2006

March Madness of the Non-Hoops Variety

March 2006, a month that flashed faster than most weeks used to.  Wow.  Some random thoughts and happenings from the month that rained.

Windows Live.
  I’m watching with great interest as Microsoft’s Web 2.0 strategy unfolds.  With Bill Gates pimping microformats and prepping Windows Live to expose its massive-scale services as a rich developer platform, things continue to get more interesting.

Sharing Calendars.
  The never-ending quest for a calendar solution for our family has a temporary home at  Our main goal is to coordinate my events, as tracked in, with our family events, as kept by Rebecca on her personal calendar.  She’s agreed to use 30boxes because the interface is really intuitive and joyful.  I like it because it sucks events directly from my Upcoming page.  Our two calendars merged using their nifty overlay feature and the deal is sealed.  (At least until I can eval Google’s calendar.)

Webtop Kudos.
  Speaking of 30boxes, it was nice to see JotSpot in good company on the Business 2.0 “Next 25” list in the Webtop category.  Other category picks 30boxes, 37Signals, Writely, and Zimbra all kick booty.

. The search for a permanent coworking space is making progress here in San Francisco as well as in other cities.  What’s coworking?  I think of it as your favorite wifi coffeehouse, but with paid membership, more explicit community, and focus on project work and collaboration.  I’m really impressed with the efforts of the crew pushing this forward.  Check out the Coworking wiki for more info.

.  I’ve been blogging about tagging and email lists for wikis over at the JotSpot Developer Connection.  The combo of tag, email, and event APIs in Jot are incredibly powerful.  We’ve barely begun to put these to work.  And when Comet goes core — oh man!

.  I’ve been reading some microISV blogs, including microISV and ToDoOrElse.  Software companies run by a handful of people fascinate me.

Gmail Archive
.  All the cool kids are doing it.  Now I am too. I push and pull all my email through Gmail for a permanent archive of all Jot, Yahoo, and Gmail correspondance.  Thanks for the step-by-step overview Abe.

Snow and Sisters
.  We went to Tahoe for a long, white weekend, and my sister Jackie came out to visit Vanessa and me in SF.  Cool!

.  Timing was finally right — got to see Arab Strap play at Cafe Du Nord.  They’re one of my favorites of the past few years for sure.  However I didn’t realize I listened to them so much until I started paying more attention to my long tail of music.  Thanks a lot, I’m now obsessed with tracking my own listening habits.


Narendra said...

Glad to hear you have made some use out of 30boxes. We actually have been using Jot since its launch and oversee all of our small company organization with it. If you can think of ideas for bringing 30b into the world of Jot, please let us know.

Abe Fettig said...

Hannah and I have been using 30boxes too. I like it, nice and simple. Glad to help with the Gmail setup :-)