Saturday, February 04, 2006

Need to Take a Simple Poll? Try Quimble

We've been working on a multi-month documentation project over on the JotSpot Developer Connection, and have been thinking about different ways to gather feedback. 

A poll is one obvious way, but Google "online poll" and it's a mess of results that I don't feel like wading through.

So last night I was reading the Renkoo blog and came across their poll on calendar preference powered by Quimble.  I took the poll, liked the experience, poked around the site, and in 4 minutes had signed up and had a nice little poll of my own on the JotSpot developer blog.  Nice!

Now all they need is multi-question polls, and away all us merry pollsters will go.

ps. And check out Renkoo the next time you want to plan your next lunch/dinner/drinks with friends and you can't figure out when everyone can make it or where to go.

1 comment:

Topper said...

Hey... thanks for the mention.
Quimble just got a whole lot (well, at least a little) better. With a big new feature just down the road. Hope the poll helped with your docs.