Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Embrace Small Increments in 2006

No, this isn’t a new year’s resolution post.  It’s a “things I’m going to try to do or get better at” post. 

Don’t ask me what the difference is.  But I don’t make resolutions anymore after my earnest resolution last year to ‘get more exercise’ (original, I know) fell so spectacularly flat.

But every year there’s that special period from Christmas to New Years that is so conducive to navel gazing.  We’re just exiting that special time, and these themes are top of mind.

Experiment More

No, not the fun-munchies-while-camping-in-Borrego-desert kind of experimentation.  More the “try new approach to XYZ and try to measure the difference” kind of experiment.  This is inspired in a big way by the culture at JotSpot where I work.

Finish More

I’m tired of having too many un-finished threads in my life.  95% is not finished. 

Embrace Small Increments

Somehow I’ve gotten into the habit always judging things (ideas, events, outcomes) based on their “big bang” impact.  If something is a small improvement or has less-than-the-end-game effect, I don’t value it or ignore it altogether. 

I no longer think this is healthy or wise.  This quote by Scott Hampton (by way of Seth Godin) hit the nail on the head:

“If you can't change the little things in your methods, you'll never change the big things. Pick something, make it better. Don't worry if it is just a little thing. If you lather, rinse, and repeat that a few times, you will have made a big difference.”

There are lots of other things swirling in my head, like do my absolute bestest to savor Arielle and Ethan’s young lives, get more exercise, go out on more limbs.  But the best approaches seem to all point back to the themes above, particularly embrace small increments.

Happy New Year to you — I’m really looking forward to 2006!


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Amy said...

Hi Scott--
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