Thursday, September 22, 2005

DIY Publishing at Webzine 2005 This Weekend

Webzine 2005 is happening this Sat and Sunday in San Francisco, and if you're into blogging, *casting, web design, or any kind of DIY webby stuff, you should check itWzbanner180x150 out. Oh, and parties too.

It's $20ish bucks but don't let that scare you away -- there's going to be some amazing sessions, including:

  • Making Media With Open Source Publishing Tools

  • Podcasting: The Democratization of Broadcast?

  • Using the Internet to Kick the Man's Ass

  • Around the Corner: Neighborhood Blogging

  • Blog Warez Dance Off!

There's also a conference wiki (thanks JotSpot) and IRC channel to connect with folks before, during, and after the event.


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