Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rojo 2.0 Rocks

Rojo just launched a totally new rev of their RSS feed reading service with a totally redesigned UI based around tags.  Tag love continues, and for good reason.  I've only spent 5 minutes with the new offering, but initial impressions say I'm finally motivated to move off my Caltrain-commuter-friendly Newsgator to an online service.  (Can we get syncing with some offline reader at some point pretty please?  Until then, I'll just use Slogger.)

I test-drove Rojo 1.0 right after it was launched in October, but didn't have the same reaction back then.  It was good but not there.  The new UI is much improved, and tags just plain work for me.  Nice!  (See Jeff Clavier's post for more depth look.)

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