Friday, December 10, 2004

Accounting for Lunch with

It's the age old "problem" amongst frequent mealtime friends: splittin' the bill.  The folks at Orbeon used PayPal standalone, but talked about a better way all the time over lunch.  It's finally here: (by way of Judith Meskill)  They layer a nice bill splitting/presentment layer on top of PayPal.  From their Why JiffyBill? section:

Have you ever gone to lunch with a group of friends or co-workers but did not have the correct change to settle the bill?  Often in such situations one person will offer to pay the entire bill, and the others can pay them back later.  Sometimes a person will "forget" to pay and it is easy to lose track of the debts the longer they go unpaid.

Or perhaps you are a professional looking for a simple, low-cost way to bill your clients. Billing software can be expensive and difficult to setup and maintain.  And such packages  typically do not facilitate communication with the client.
 is here to help!  We make it easy to record a bill, including all of the items or services and who should pay for each.  We even auto divide tip and taxes for you, if applicable.  The bill is then sent via email to each of the responsible parties, who may view it, add comments, and record payments.


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