Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Web 2.0

I'm enjoying reading some of the coverage of the Web 2.0 conference going on this week. Coverage, pontifications, thought provoking soundbites, and new company and product launches are flying out fast and furious! Many ideas great to silly for sure -- I should have gone :(

One particular new company/product announcement (blogged by Jeremy Zawodny) that caught my eye was Rojo, a new web-based "feed" aggregator. I'm overwhelmed by my current 82.6 (and growing daily) sources of news, blogs, commentary, etc., and Rojo sounds like a promising solution. Not exactly sure yet how it compares to other similar products like Bloglines, but i'm currently evaluating both and will post some comments soon.


Anonymous said...

I love bloglines and I like to know how it compares to rojo. Do you have any invitation left and would you mind to send me one??
aurelien.pelletier (at)

Roberto Iza Vald├ęs said...
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